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Vegan Nutrition’s vegan products are of the highest quality offering a healthy and varied choice as a substitute for meat and fish. They are entirely vegetable products based on soybeans, legumes and wheat proteins among others.

Without transgenics, dairy products, eggs or any component of animal origin.

Linda McCartney Foods is a British food brand specialising in vegetarian and vegan food. An original food pioneer, Linda McCartney believed in great tasting, honest, meat free food and the shared pleasure that eating well could bring.

Its range of frozen products includes nuggets, cheese pies, pasties, lasagna, Italian style toppers, sausages, beefless burgers and many more. The recipes are based on dehydrated textured vegetable protein.

The Fry Family Food Co. is the leading vegan brand in South Africa, selling over 40 different plant-based meat alternatives.

Their offerings include chilled and frozen lines with over 30 products; including burgers, sausages, pastries and schnitzels – these products are all vegan, high in protein, high in fibre with no added MSG.

Their range satisfies a diverse consumer base with endorsements from the Vegan Society and The Vegetarian Society while being certified Kosher, Halal and Shuddha.

Moving Mountains Vegan Burgers are the relatively new gourmet burgers of Moving Mountains, property of Ecozone Ltd. parent company with seal of approval through bodies such as Cruelty-Free International and Vegan Society.

The simple and main ingredients are a base of antioxidant-rich Coconut Oil which provides a fatty satisfying consistency, Beetroot Juice which allows a juicy ‘bleed’ at the centre of the patty, and Plant-Proteins and Mushrooms that provide a succulent texture akin to the bite of meat.

Tofurky is the brand name of an American vegetarian turkey replacement (meat substitute) usually made from tofu (soybean protein) or seitan (wheat protein) with a stuffing made from grains or bread, seasoned with herbs and spices.

All of the Tofurky products are fully vegan and approved by the Vegan Society.

Follow your Heart manufactures a full range of award-winning products like Vegenaise, the original and #1 vegan mayo, as well as a variety of dairy alternatives including sliced and shredded Vegan Cheeses, a fresh line of Salad Dressings, and new breakfast staples like our dairy-free Yogurts, and VeganEgg.

The Meatless Farm Co. es una empresa británica que ha desarrollado un sorprendente sustitutivo de carne picada, hamburguesa y salchichas a base de plantas cargadas de sabor y textura. Son sin carne, pero con mucho sabor y quieren ayudar a la gente a reducir su consumo de carne haciendo que el cambio a sin carne sea fácil.

Elaborado a partir de una mezcla de proteína de guisantes, arroz y soja que hace que sus productos, ricos en proteínas, sean una buena fuente de fibra con ingredientes naturales. También es libre de trigo y gluten y con certificado Kosher.

Oumph! is a Swedish plant-based ‘meat’ brand which is also gluten, dairy, and nut-free.

The award-winning plant meat company’s flagship flavors are: Pulled Oumph!, Thyme & Garlic, Kebab Spiced, and The Chunk – which are rich in protein and fiber, as well as a good source of iron and folic acid.

The Oumph! meaty products are resource efficient, while only using soya beans, water, salt, and seasonings – and they’re also suitable to grill, boil, sauté, or deep-fry.

At Quorn they believe to look at things differently. They know that the growing global population needs a sustainable diet that is also healthy. That’s why they take a different approach when it comes to protein production, choosing to use mycoprotein, a nutritious protein source, that is a source of fibre, in all Quorn products.

At Quorn their aim is to inspire people to eat healthy food with delicious and irresistible recipes, packed full of flavour and bursting with new taste experiences from around the world. Their mission is to produce healthy protein for a healthy planet.

At Beyond Meat, they believe there is a better way to feed the planet. Their mission is to create The Future of Protein® – delicious plant-based burgers, sausage, crumbles, and more– made directly from simple plant-based ingredients. By shifting from animal, to plant-based meat, they are creating one savory solution that solves four growing issues attributed to livestock production: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources and animal welfare.

The Beyond Burger is the world’s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef. It has all the juicy, meaty deliciousness of a traditional burger, but comes with the upsides of a plant-based meal. The Beyond Burger packs 20g of plant-based protein and has no GMOs, soy, or gluten.

Pink Albatross ice creams are made from 100% vegetable products, making them suitable for a vegan or lactose-free diet. The ice creams are made with the minimum necessary and natural ingredients to provide an exceptional creaminess and intensity of flavour.

When ice creams are made using traditional methods and ingredients of the highest quality, it is not necessary to add artificial colourings, additives or any type of E’s.

Heura products contains vegetable protein, fibre, iron, vitamin B12, hunger for progress, healthy lifestyles and respect for animals.

Suitable for celiacs, demanding foodies, athletes and lovers of our planet.

Versatile, tasty, nutritious and sustainable.

Vegafit products are 100% plantbased and with that friendly for human, animal and environment.

Vegafit have a wide range of tasty products for a broad audience. Varying from schnitzels and nuggets to quinoa- and algaeburgers. All without any animal proteins, all products are not only suitable for vegetarians, but also for vegans.

Gardein(™) was founded by a Canadian chef and culinary expert. His vision was around using the power of vegetables to create a healthy fast food, and from this dream he developed Gardein(™).

For people seeking a healthier lifestyle, Gardein(™) is the delicious, simple meal solution that allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods in a way that’s kind to both you and the planet.

All Gardein products are vegan, and they are certified by Vegan Action

Gardein’s new process creates meat-like fibers from vegetables. Ingredients include proprietary formulations of proteins (slow-cooked soy, wheat and pea), organic flours (kamut, amaranth, millet, quinoa), potato starch, modified vegetable gum, organic beet fibers, and carrot fibers.

Sayve is a special delicacy made from chickpeas with a variety of flavors. Perfect on its own, as an aperitif or to complement your dishes. Healthy, indulgent and sinfully good, but without dairy, lactose, soy or gluten. Created by Emanuele di Biase, italian Vegan Master Chef. It’s music to the ears of vegans, vegetarians or anyone with a taste for delicious, innovative and best of all, healthy food.

Love Corn is the first brand of premium, roasted, all-natural corn snacks to hit the market. Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten- and sugar-free. Love Corn’s mission is to make consumers smile and fall for crunchy corn as their new favorite snack, one kernel at a time.

Deliciously Ella is a resource to help you live better and make vegetables cool. Starting from a personal blog, they’ve evolved into an app, deli, collection of recipe books, series of podcasts, a range of plant-based food products and a growing social media community that sits at the heart of what they do. Bolas de Energía, Bolas de Proteína, Barritas de Avena, Mueslis, Granolas, etc. Una gran variedad de productos, saludables 100%

Vepura is a German company with an innovative, contemporary and ready-to-eat offer: freshly prepared and immediately frozen traditional Indian dishes. Pure vegetarian food is 100% natural and without additives. The current product line includes Indian breads, snacks and curries, fully vegan.

Sheese is one of the leading manufacturers of vegan cheese. They contain no transgenics, no dairy or soy and the production process is completely animal free at their Scottish factory.

At Goodlife they have turn virtuous veg into seriously tasty veggie food. Unlike some, they are not interested in meat mimicry. They’re just helping naturally good, delicious vegetables to do their thing.

With healthy food packed full of unique flavours, natural ingredients and absolutely no nasties, they want to help the people feel their best. After all, balance is what a Goodlife’s all about.

Their range of products include veggie burger, sausages, falafels, etc.

Gourmet sweets should be enjoyed by everyone, so they’ve made Candy Kittens recipe with absolutely no gelatine! Their sweet new recipe is for everyone.

Lowy offers a range of delicious and healthy Foods, with Low FODMAP and Vegano certificates. Low Fodmap for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Vegano for those who really care about animal welfare and/or people who refrain from consuming animal products.

Inspired Vegan have created sauces made using only plant based ingredients to help improve sustainability. Eat well. Live well.

For every meal and everyone, Free from eggs, dairy, soya and gluten, Free from GMO, Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Celiacs.

Daiya Foods is a Canada-based dairy alternative food company. Daiya makes dairy-free eating a joy.

Daiya is made from cassava and arrowroot and is known for its cheese-like consistency and melting properties. It contains no animal products or soy, lactose, wheat, barley, gluten or nuts.

Booja-Booja produces luxury, multi award-winning organic, melt-in-the-mouth dairy free chocolate truffles and creamy plant based, vegan ice cream.

Their receipts have simple organic ingredients and everything vegan, as well as, dairy, gluten and soya free.

Sus recetas tienen ingredientes orgánicos simples y todo lo vegano, así como lácteos, sin gluten y sin soja.

Lord of Tofu is the only Tofu maker who is certified by Bioland, because they only use organic soybeans with BIOLAND certificate (preferably from farmers of Southern Germany) for making tofu. All Lord of Tofu products
are vegan and gluten free !.

Probably the tastiest chocolate bar in the world, vegan, organic, fairtrade and gluten-free. Exclusive high-quality ingredients such as fine Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts that they blend together in a unique process to create your “Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar“.

Established in 2017, Mummy Meagz is a family run, vegan company that is fast becoming one of the most recognisable vegan brands in the UK. The current range of Vegan & Gluten Free Rocky Road cake bars are targeted at the vegan and gluten free confectionary grab and go market. They are the UK’s first range of one of the worlds favourite sweet treats.

Peakz are a fun food source that are consciously and ethically made. Our little bite-sized vegan and vegetarian friendly crunchy chocolate squares are a delicious snack that can be consumed anywhere

Freedom confectionery (Mallows) became the second gelatin free producer of marshmallows commercially worldwide, making them suitable for vegan, vegetarian and allergy free from consumers and completely natural!

Say hello to feel good moments of indulgence. Miiro award-winning, moreish & healthier treats will make you melt and re-consider the idea that vegan ice cream can’t be as scrumptious as conventional choices! At MiiRO, they carefully pick our ingredients to create the ultimate decadence that is also healthier for you, proving it’s possible to treat yourself better.

Amir Kheirmand, winner of Masterchef Sweden, has produced a variety of high quality vegan foods. The vision with Awsome Foods is to solve some of the daily stress, with well-prepared foods to suit young and old. Their most famous product is the Vegan Kebab made from Seitan.

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