Vegan Products

The Vegan Paradaise for Everybody


We work with the best brands worldwide and have our own brand, Vegan Nutrition.

Our goal is to offer the widest variety of vegan and vegetarian products without transgenics, dairy products, eggs or any animal component.

Because being Healthy, Feels Good !.


Plant-based alternative to traditional meat-based burgers mimicking the flavor, aroma, and texture of a real burger

We offer multiple burgers (gourmet, beef style, chicken style, pork style, etc.) from different brands all Vegan friendly and more nutritious and environmentally friendly than meat-based burgers.


Meat-free sausages are a healthier option as they don’t contain animal fat or cholesterol and taste just like the meat-based ones.
We offer multiple style meat-free sausages such as barbecue, spicy, herbs, cocktail amongst others.

Meat Alternatives

Meat alternative products mainly composed of dehydrated soy. Its textures resembles real meat.

We have multiple variations of these products resembling different meat such as chicken, lamb, pork, beef, etc. in chunks, strips, fillets, all with different flavours and seasoning.

Bacon and Vegan Cured meat

Delivering the possibility to people to enjoy cruelty-free meat alternatives capturing the best flavors, textures, and nutrients.

We have a big selection of vegan cured meats from different brands and formats including our star product Meat-less bacon from Vegan Nutrition.

Pizzas & Pasta

100% vegan pizzas and pasta with the maximum taste.

We offer products with incredible taste, completely soy and dairy free with the most amazing meat substitutes flavours.

Sea Products

Sea food and fish products brought to a whole new level with real like textures and tastes.

We have multiple variations of these products such as salmon, fish cutlets, prawns, langoustines and our favourite fried calamari!.

Ice Creams

Dairy free ice-creams full of flavours and textures.

We have different brands with amazing flavours, all 100% eco-friendly.


Cheeses which are dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO and certified vegan & kosher cheese alternatives that are both healthy and delicious.

We have a wide range of flavours and styles available.

Sauces & Others

Vegan sauces made using only plant based ingredients.

We have a wide range of products, all free from eggs, dairy, soya and gluten, free from GMO, Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Celiacs.

Vegan Desserts

Have you ever tried Vegan Desserts? We are introducing a wide range of Vegan desserts such as dairy free Cheesecakes

Sweets & Chocolates

Sweets and Chocolates totally Vegan and delicious. Exclusivity on top Vegan brands

Bars & Cereals & Biscuits

Bars, Cereals, Biscuits, 100% organic and Vegan. We are working with the top UK and European brands to introduce in Spain the best in class

See Our Vegan Brands

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