Happy V Planet – Vegan Wheat & Spelt Paté with Nori Seaweeds



Happy V Paté is an ultimate plant-based substitute for a traditional patémade from wheat gluten, flavored with Nori Seaweed and a blend of aromatic herbs. It is great for spreading on crackers, toast, canapés, or as a dip. Vegan dinner parties or picnics wouldn’t be complete without it. Vegan friendly. Delicious.


Ingredients: Water, WHEAT GLUTEN (14%), sunflower oil, coconut oil, SPELT FLOUR (3%), contains 2% or less of: molasses, coriander, nutmeg, flavourings, monosodium glutamate; Nori Seaweed (1%), flaxseed oil, thickener: agar; salt, colour: iron oxides.


Allergens: Wheat, Gluten, Spelt Flour




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Weight 125 g