Vegetarian Beef Roast with Red Wine and Shallot Glaze


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Succulent vegetarian beef-flavour roast made with rehydrated textured soya protein and onion; finished with a red wine and shallot glaze.

Ingredients: Rehydrated textured SOYA protein (55%), water, red wine and shallot glaze (10%) (water, red wine, shallot, muscovado sugar, cornflour, concentrated carrot juice, balsamic vinegar, rapeseed oil, concentrated onion juice, concentrated leek juice, caramelised sugar syrup, salt, herbs, spices), onion purée (8%), natural flavouring, rapeseed oil, onion (2%), SOYA protein concentrate, chickpea flour, stabiliser: methyl cellulose; salt, malted BARLEY extract.

Allergens: Soya, Barley.

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